Freestanding Cookers

Stoves' freestanding cookers combine a premium hob, versatile double oven and powerful grill in one stylish appliance. We offer gas, electric and dual-fuel models in a range of colours, all packed with innovative features that help you get the most out of your time in the kitchen. Find out how to choose the right 55cm or 60cm model for you and your home.

Why Buy a Stoves Freestanding Cooker?

Electric vs gas vs dual-fuel

When choosing your perfect cooker, one of the first things to consider is the fuel type. As well as your kitchen set-up, you'll need to think about your cooking preferences. We offer all-electric and all-gas cookers, as well as dual-fuel cookers that combine a gas hob with an electric oven. Several gas models can be converted to run on LPG with the appropriate kit.

Our electric cookers come with a ceramic or induction hob, both of which have a sleek easy-clean surface. Induction hobs are 30% faster and 25% more efficient than ceramic. They're also twice as fast as and 30% more efficient than gas. Appliances using induction technology are also smarter and safer, thanks to innovative features like pan detection and child lock. However, many chefs prefer working with flame and will always choose a gas hob.

Gas ovens produce a humid heat that's great for maintaining moisture in food. On the other hand, electric ovens are generally better at distributing heat throughout the oven cavity and browning dishes evenly.

Electric vs gas vs dual-fuel

Choosing a size, style and colour

Most of our cookers come in a standard 60cm width, but our electric and dual-fuel Richmond Mini Range models are a more compact 55cm wide. If you're looking for something more spacious, our range cookers are ideal.

When it comes to design, there's lots to choose from. Farmhouse-style cookers look fantastic in country kitchens, and come in traditional colours like cream, black and red. Our modern designs, available in colours including white and stainless steel, are a sleek and stylish option. You can truly find a cooker to suit your lifestyle and your kitchen.

Our gas cookers
We offer a range of 60cm gas cookers, all of which are rated A/A for energy efficiency. The gas double ovens have Easy Clean Enamel interiors, and are available with a handy cook-to-off feature that means you'll never burn a meal again.

Every Stoves gas cooker features a 4-burner gas hob with sturdy cast-iron pan supports, which are easily removed for cleaning. Select models come with a powerful wok burner that delivers extremely high temperatures - perfect for searing steaks and cooking stir fries.

The lid acts like a splashback during cooking, and closing it automatically turns the hob off for your safety and convenience. This also creates extra worktop space that's especially handy in small kitchens.

Our electric cookers

Our electric cookers
We offer a range of 60cm electric cookers, which combine a double oven with a ceramic or induction hob, and a fixed- or variable-rate grill. Our premium induction hobs are among the fastest, smartest, safest and greenest on the market.

These cookers are some of the easiest to keep clean, thanks to an Easy Clean Enamel oven interior that resists food and grime, and a sleek ceramic hob that can be wiped down in seconds. Select models have a slow-closing cast-aluminium lid that acts as a splashback while cooking.

Luxury features including telescopic shelves, programmable timers and slow-cooking functions are available on a number of models. Our top-of-the-range induction cookers boast a 9-in-1 multifunction oven with functions including defrost and intensive bake, which help you get perfect results every time.

Our dual-fuel cookers
Our 60cm and 55cm dual-fuel cookers are rated A/A for energy efficiency. The gas hob has 4 burners in 3 sizes, with select models boasting a high-power 4kW PowerWok™ burner. Cast-iron pan supports look great and provide stability while cooking.

Every model has an electric double oven with programmable timer, which prevents you from accidentally overcooking your food. Select cookers have a defrost mode - a real lifesaver when you've forgotten to defrost an ingredient - and a dough-proving function that helps you get the best results when baking bread. Keep an eye out for features like telescopic shelves and easy-clean enamel.

Our smart cookers
Our Richmond freestanding cookers use wireless technology to connect to our innovative Zeus™ app. This makes it quick and easy to register for your warranty, and allows you to remotely keep an eye on your oven timer. There's also clock synchronisation, so your cooker always has the right time, and much more.

This feature is available on the Richmond 600E electric cooker with ceramic hob, the Richmond 600EI electric cooker with induction hob, the Richmond 600G gas cooker, and the Richmond 600DF dual-fuel cooker. All are 60cm models with A/A energy ratings, available in black, cream or jalapeno red.