Built-in Ovens

Stoves built-in ovens are built to the highest standards. Discover innovative features that will help you cook to perfection, and save you time and effort along the way. We'll also help you decide between gas and electric, built-in and built-under, and single and double ovens, so you can find the perfect model for you and your kitchen.

Why buy a Stoves built-in oven?

Things to consider

Gas vs electric
If your kitchen set-up allows you to connect a gas or electric oven, your decision might come down to your cooking preferences. Gas ovens create a humid heat that helps prevent food from drying out, but fanned electric ovens provide more even heat distribution, which is good for browning.

Gas ovens are generally cheaper to run over the long-term, but installation is more expensive as you'll need to enlist a Gas Safe Registered engineer. All our gas ovens come with a flame safety device for your peace of mind.

Single vs double oven
Single ovens have an oven and grill in the same cavity, whereas double ovens have a main oven and a separate oven/grill. This gives you more flexibility because you can grill and oven-cook, or oven-cook at two different temperatures, simultaneously.

Double ovens also have a larger capacity than single ovens, allowing you to cook more food at once - or fit in a larger turkey at Christmas! Our ST SEB602PY, ST SEB602TCC and ST SEB602MFC models are some of the most spacious on the market, with impressive 73 litre capacities.

Single vs double oven

While our most spacious 90cm ovens are designed for installation within a kitchen column, our 60cm and 70cm models can be fitted either within a column or underneath your worktop. Having your oven installed at eye level makes it easy to watch your food, and eliminates the need to stoop down when transferring things in and out.

All of our ovens are available in black, and the majority come in sleek stainless steel as well. The STRICH600MF is also available in red or cream - perfect if you want to make a statement. We also offer matching built-in hobs, cooker hoods and splashbacks so you can complete the look.

Oven cleaning is one of the most dreaded chores, but it needn't be with one of our easy-clean ovens! Look out for catalytic liners, which have a special coating that absorbs and burns off grease, as well as non-porous ceramic interiors that are quick and easy to wipe clean. Our pyrolytic ovens have a high-temperature self-cleaning cycle that turns baked-on deposits into easily removable ash, leaving your oven sparkling.

Features to look out for

Multifunction oven
Our multifunction ovens make it easier to achieve incredible results no matter what you're cooking. With functionalities including Equiflow™ fan oven, defrost, slow cook and intensive bake - you're sure to get the perfect result every time.

Telescopic sliders
Telescopic slider shelves pull out to a safe point and remain sturdy until you push them back in place. This makes it safer and easier to transfer cookware to and from the oven, and to check on your food.

Triple-layer glass
Triple-layer glass insulates heat for improved energy efficiency, and ensures the outside is cool to the touch - perfect if you have kids. On select models, the glass panel can be removed for easy cleaning.

Soft-close doors
With a luxurious soft-close mechanism, you don't have to worry about accidentally slamming your oven door shut and making a racket - or causing damage to your appliance.

Features to look out for

Touch controls
As well as looking sleek and modern, our touch displays make it quick and simple to select the perfect oven settings. They also make it easy to clean your control panel, so you can keep dirt and germs at bay.

Programmable timer
With a programmable timer, you can set the oven to come on and go off at a time that suits you. No more accidentally burning your dinner because of an unexpected phone call!

Bluetooth connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity allows you to link your oven with our free Zeus™ app, so you can sync your oven clock with your smartphone clock, remotely manage cooking times, easily register your appliance, and more.

Equiflow fan
This innovative feature ensures a consistent temperature throughout the oven, without mixing air from different shelves. That means you can prevent flavours from different dishes intermingling.