Built-in Hobs

Stoves offers a wide range of built-in hobs, many of which are proudly built in Britain. Our stylish gas and electric models are packed with clever features that make cooking easier, safer and more enjoyable, so you get the best possible results with the minimum of fuss. Find out how to choose the right hob for you and your kitchen.

Why Buy a Stoves Built-In Hob?

Things to consider

The first thing to consider when choosing a fuel type is what can be installed in your kitchen. We offer hobs that connect to mains electric and gas, as well as LPG-convertible and plug-and-play models.

Electric models are split into ceramic and induction, with ceramic being a great lower-budget option. Both make a stylish alternative to a traditional electric hob, as they have a sleek surface as opposed to solid plates.

Induction hobs are the safest, fastest and most energy-efficient models, because they use induction technology to heat the pan rather than the hob, and are packed with innovative features that modern home cooks will love. Although they don't work with every kind of pan, they are compatible with magnetic materials like stainless steel and cast iron.

Gas hobs are generally preferred by professional chefs because they offer precise control over cooking temperatures. They're also typically cheaper to run than comparable electric models.

Things to consider

Our built-in hobs are installed within your kitchen worktop for a seamless look. After considering how much space you have available, you need to think about your cooking needs in order to select the right size: bigger hobs are great for families, who need to fit larger pans, while a smaller hob should do the job if you usually cook for two.

We offer 60cm and 70cm gas hobs; 60cm and 70cm electric ceramic hobs; and 60cm and 90cm induction models.

You should look at the burners/elements when comparing hobs. More cooking zones means you can heat more pans at once, which is great for complex meals like Full English Breakfasts and Sunday Dinners, while sizes determine what kinds of pans can be heated efficiently.

All of our gas hobs come with one small (1kW), two medium (2kW) and one large (3kW) burner. Our larger 70cm models come with an additional wok burner (3.5kW) that's great for stir fries.

Our electric ceramic hobs have four cooking zones in various sizes. The 70cm model has a clever dual burner that can go from gently simmering a small pan one minute to boiling a large pan the next.

We offer a selection of four-zone induction hobs. The SIHF604T comes with Link+ technology, allowing you to connect multiple cooking zones - ideal for griddles and paella pans. This technology is also available on our 6-zone induction hob. Look out for the Power Boost function, which allows you to draw additional power when you need some extra heat.

Burners and elements

All of our gas hobs are available in black or stainless steel; the STRICH600GH and STRICH700GH also come in cream. Every Stoves electric hob has a black ceramic surface that is sleek, durable and easy to keep clean. Matching splashbacks and cooker hoods are available.

Many of our hobs boast clever safety features that provide peace of mind, especially in family homes.

Induction hobs are unbeatable when it comes to safety. They won't function unless there's a suitable pan on the ring, and an overheat sensor presents the hob from reaching dangerous temperatures. The residual heat indicator light lets you know if any of the elements are still hot.

Our gas hobs come with a standard flame safety device that automatically stops the gas supply if the flame goes out. A child lock that disables all of the hob controls is available across a number of electric models.

Our gas hobs have an easy-clean stainless-steel or ceramic surface, which makes it a breeze to wipe down after every meal. Sturdy cast-iron or gloss-enamel pan supports are easily removed for cleaning.

Every electric hob has an easy-clean ceramic glass surface that repels food and grime. Models with touch controls have a totally flat surface, making them even easier to wipe clean.

Burners and elements