Women's Institute

Cooking up a partnership – Stoves and the Women’s Institute unite

Stoves has joined forces with the UK’s largest women’s organisation – the Women’s Institute - in a new long-term partnership aimed at getting more people cooking.


Stoves and the WI are working together on a number of educational projects to get people back in the kitchen, including the launch of a new cookery school at Denman College in Oxfordshire featuring Stoves appliances. The cookery school, which will go back to basics to teach people traditional cooking skills which have been lost over the years, will link together the expertise of the Women’s Institute’s members with leading innovation from Stoves.


With people becoming increasingly interested in the quality, nutritional value and origin of the food that they are eating, in recent years there has been a huge shift back towards traditional methods of cooking. Both Stoves and the WI share a wealth of expertise on this subject and brought together it is sure to be a winning collaboration.

Visit The Women's Insitute, Denman College.

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