Mega Mousse and Chocolate Pot Stack


The following recipe was donated by Lady Emma Weymouth, and featured on ITV's Saturday Morning with James Martin.



2 x medium glass bowls
1 x medium saucepan
2 x silicone spatulas
2 x whisks
1 x small saucepan
1 x large glass bowl
1 x electric whisk/kitchen aid
8 x assorted glasses (4 already made to just decorate with raspberries and chocolate shards)



Start with the chocolate pot - tip the dark chocolate into a medium bowl set over a pan of simmering water and leave to melt.

Meanwhile, pour the orange juice and 50ml water into a small pan and heat until just simmering.

When the chocolate has melted, stir well then remove from the heat and pour the hot orange juice onto the melted chocolate, whisking all the time. Don’t worry if it goes all lumpy, keep whisking and it will become smooth again.

Whisk in the whipping cream and continue whisking until smooth and glossy.

Pour into 4 serving glasses and place into the fridge while you make the mousse.

For the mousse, tip the milk chocolate, whipping cream and brandy into a medium bowl and set over the pan of simmering water and leave to melt.

Meanwhile, separate the eggs and tip the egg whites into a spotlessly clean glass bowl. Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form, then add the brown sugar a spoonful at a time, and whisk until firm peaks just form.

When the chocolate mixture has melted, stir well then remove from the heat and tip in the egg yolks and whisk really well.

Whisk half the egg whites into the chocolate, making sure that they are fully incorporated, then pour the mixture onto the remaining egg whites and whisk really well until smooth.

Take the chocolate pots glasses from the fridge and place 2/3 of the raspberries onto the chocolate pot, then pour the mousse over the top and return to the fridge for at least 1 hour until set.

When ready to eat, decorate with the remaining raspberries and shards of Easter egg.



Prep time: 2 hours

Cook time: 30 mins

Serves: 4

  • 200g dark chocolate Easter egg, roughly chopped (chocolate pot)

  • 50ml orange juice (chocolate pot)

  • 125ml whipping cream (chocolate pot)

  • 300g raspberries (chocolate pot)

  • 150g milk chocolate Easter egg, roughly chopped (chocolate mousse)

  • 50ml whipping cream (chocolate mousse)

  • 30ml brandy (chocolate mousse)

  • 2 eggs, separated (chocolate mousse)

  • 15g soft brown sugar (chocolate mousse)

  • 1 x 200g dark chocolate Easter egg (decorate)