Cherry Clafoutis


We love this French classic dessert, rich and fruity. The perfect dessert for a larger group.

  1. Pre heat the oven to 180°c
  2. Sift the flour and salt together in a bowl. Rub in the butter till the mix resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and mix thoroughly, followed by egg yolk and water
  3. Mix it all together using your hands, to form a firm dough. You may need a bit more water, but remember, a crumbly dough, although difficult to handle, will result in a shorter, lighter pastry as opposed to softer dough.
  4. Wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate for at least 15 to 20 minutes to let it rest. But make sure you bring it back to room temperature before rolling it out
  5. In the meantime, lightly grease the tart tin with butter, lay your rolled pastry in the tin and blind bake for 20 minutes.
  6. Remove from the oven to cool.
  7. Once cool trim the edges with a knife to make it neat and smooth.
  8. Mix all the batter ingredients until totally smooth, then set aside.
  9. Dot the cherries around the base of the pastry case, then place in the oven for 5 minutes so the fruit can begin to soften.
  10. Remove the pastry case from the oven and pour over the batter until the cherries are just covered. Return to the oven to bake for about 30 to 35 minutes, or until puffy and golden.
  11. Sprinkle over some castor sugar and using a blow torch caramelise until golden brown this will set and cause a brûlée top.
  12. Serve with some clotted cream. Can be eaten warm or cold.


Prep time: 25 Minutes

Cook time: 35 Minutes

Serves: 8

  • 170g of plain flour

  • 1 pinch of salt

  • 100g of unsalted butter, cold, cut into cubes

  • 2 tbsp of caster sugar

  • 1 egg yolk

  • 2 tbsp of water

  • For the batter:

  • 150g of cherries, stoned and halved

  • 1 large egg

  • 2 egg yolks

  • 4 tsp caster sugar

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 200ml of double cream

  • 25g castor sugar (to use on the finished tart to create a brûlée top)

  • icing sugar, for dusting (optional)