Where To Buy British

As our customers will know, we’re passionate about bringing manufacturing back to the heart of Britain, and, wherever possible, our Stoves appliances are still produced from our factory near Liverpool 100 years on!

But where can you reliably find other items made in Britain, and be sure that their production is genuinely taking place within our shores? With many ‘classic’ British brands now actually being produced overseas, it’s not as easy as it should be!

We’ve found a great website though which is packed with useful information about those genuinely ‘British’ brands, and superb examples of UK craft and manufacturing. It’s at: www.makeitbritish.co.uk 

Every product referenced on the website has assured provenance - authentic, skilled and crafted using the finest materials - right here in the UK. You’ll find a comprehensive directory of large and small suppliers; from well-known brands to tiny artisan suppliers, all offering a wonderful diversity of products, gifts and services for you to enjoy.

And by buying British-made goods, you’re helping to keep fast-fading skills alive in our country, and support home-grown talent. In an age of economic strife, that aim is more compelling than ever.

Don’t forget either, for true British excellence in kitchen appliance manufacturing - you can find a great range of factory-finished outlet products at http://www.gdhaonline.co.uk/Stoves/Products.aspx. We regularly update our range of offers and promotions - most of which are only live for as long as we have stock! Bookmark us into your favourites and keep your eye out for great deals on Great British appliances.