Q&A with Stacie Stewart for BBC Good Food Show

1. What is your favourite Christmas foodie memory?

Definitely Christmas cake making with Nana Jean. When we were little all my cousins got together in October time to make the family Christmas cakes. We'd all do one each and it was a competition as to whose was decorated the best! 


2. Which is your favourite autumn / winter ingredient to use? 

I absolutely adore Christmas spices like cinnamon, clove and all spice.


3. What inspires your seasonal and festive cooking? 

Definitely the produce. 


4. What would be your dream Christmas dinner feast? 

I'm very traditional and my Auntie Jeanette does the best Christmas dinner ever. I couldn't beat it if I tried. Turkey and roast beef with all the trimmings!


5. What are your tips for getting the kids involved in preparing the Christmas dinner? 

You have to make it fun, have little competitions and tasks to complete for prizes! Also Christmas tree decorations are fantastic fun and create great memories.


6. Can you recommend a foodie, make-it-yourself Christmas gift? 

Florentines or chocolate orange truffles. You can source great gift bags/ribbons and wrapping from hobbycraft style shops.


7. What dishes would you recommend as an alternative to turkey – such as vegetarian dishes or other more unusual meats?

A chestnut roast with lots of herbs would be beautiful for a vegan alternative 


8. What’s the best way to use up leftover Christmas dinner ingredients?

I really enjoy making curries with leftover turkey. And a turkey ham pie in Boxing Day is pretty good too! With lots of white wine cream and garlic!


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