Q&A with Glynn Purnell for BBC Good Food Show Winter

1. What is your favourite Christmas foodie memory?

Favourite memories are Christmas dinner as a child – I remember I was four or five dressed as a cowboy and I was so excited about my dinner that I ran wild and wrecked my sister’s wendy house!


2. Which is your favourite autumn / winter ingredient to use?

Ceps and pumpkin. 


3. What inspires your seasonal and festive cooking?

I take inspiration from nature, I like to look out of my window at home and take in the surroundings. 


4. What would be your dream Christmas dinner feast?

I’m a big fan of a traditional Christmas dinner – minus the sprouts!


5. What are your tips for getting the kids involved in preparing the Christmas dinner?

My kid enjoy peeling so I get them involved in the prep. We also make the food they have each prepared recognisable and they really enjoy eating the bits they have done themselves.


6. Can you recommend a foodie, make-it-yourself Christmas gift?

A festively decorated cookie always goes down well as a little stocking filler or a lovely bulging Christmas hamper makes a great gift.


7. What dishes would you recommend as an alternative to turkey – such as vegetarian dishes or other more unusual meats?

I like to use duck, capon or goose. Still quite traditional but a nice alternative to turkey.


8. What’s the best way to use up leftover Christmas dinner ingredients?

Bubble and squeak! Easy on the bubble with a little extra squeak!!


See Glynn at the Stoves Live Cook stage at BBC Good Food Show Winter