Q&A with Glynn Purnell at BBC GFS Summer

We spoke to the 'Yummy Brummie', Glynn Purnell, at BBC Good Food Show Summer this June! Read on to find out what his signature dish is...


What would you say is your signature dish?

Burnt egg custard surprise with strawberries, black pepper honeycomb and tarragon. It won The Great British Menu in 2008 and scored 10/10/10 from the three judges.


Who, what or where provides inspiration for your cooking?

My mum, and the trips I had to the Birmingham Market as a kid.


What advice would you give to aspiring cooks or chefs?

Keep reading, learning and tasting. Never give up!


What is your favourite comfort food or guilty pleasure?

I love spicy food and meat, so a great curry or ethnic style of food.


Do you have any tips for getting kids interested in food and cooking?

You have to have fun and make cooking fun for them. Get them to prepare their vegetables and they will eat it!


Describe your dream dinner party menu:

Crispy, spicy squid, a massive steak, chocolate, and lots of champagne!