Q&A with Brian Turner at BBC GFS Summer

We sat down with British legend Brian Turner at this year's BBC Good Food Show Summer to chat all things food! 


What would you say is your signature dish?

Mine changes seasonally - this season is a good roast beef or fish from around the coast.


Who, what or where provides inspiration for your cooking?

My Dad, from my early years.


What advice would you give to aspiring cooks or chefs?

Work hard and don't give up - taste everything when you get a chance, and try and work with the best craftsmen you can find.


What is your favourite comfort food or guilty pleasure?

I don't have a guilty pleasure, but I do like cheese on toast with marmite or horseradish and mustard.


Do you have any tips for getting kids interested in food and cooking?

Get Mum and Dad involved - eat together and turn the telly off.


Describe your dream dinner party menu:

My dinner party would depend on seasons and location at the time - for example a location by a river in the summer would have a very different menu than a city location in the winter!