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Submission from Warwick Community Playschool, Warwick
Warwick Community Playschool, Warwick
About Warwick Community Playschool

Based in the heart of the Kingsway Estate in Wellingborough, which falls into the top 20% of the country's most deprived areas, the Playschool is developing a project which can support children and families with healthy eating as well as the community having a central hub to meet. It is also hoped to make the  projects inter-generational so that skills can be shared between the whole community and lasting relationships can be forged.

Why we should win Stoves Community Kitchen?

"Our aim is to have a 'community kitchen' which can serve the use of the community for social needs as well as teaching and support."

"In our area, a lot of services are closing down and there is little family support.  We are finding increasingly that children are surviving on junk food and relying on food banks.  This is having an impact on their health and well-being.  We want to support families to create wholesome family meals within a small budget. We want to help inspire the younger generation to enjoy cooking and eating healthily and sharing meals together."