Gold winner – receiving £5,000 of Stoves appliances

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Submission from Kentish Town City Farm, London
Kentish Town City Farm, London
About Kentish Town City Farm

Kentish Town City Farm is a community charity in Camden that helps city people connect with animals, nature and the environment. The project is based around a ‘field to fork’ model, which helps people living in the city to connect with animals, nature and the environment.

Kentish Town City Farm also provides an extensive educational programme to schools, therapeutic riding to people with special needs and farm related activities to local children and families from its four-acre site which has approximately 50 animals, pasture areas, a riding arena, a wildlife pond and community gardens.

The £5,000 prize means the project can update its current aged appliances and offer cooking workshops throughout the year, which help the community to understand food and farming, and feed themselves and their families well. The prize will also enhance free bread-making workshops for local families – something which has been difficult with the farm’s 11-year-old cooker.

Mel Chamberlain, of Kentish Town City Farm, said “We are beyond thrilled to have won this amazing competition. It's really going to change some fundamental elements in the farm kitchen activities. We run several weekly cookery sessions for local children and families, teaching them the basics of healthy living and where their food comes from. Then at the weekend we hire out a room for children's parties, so there are always pizzas and sausage rolls that need cooking. We also hold several events in the year where we cater for between 40 and 800 people. Using our current ancient range cooker, it's all guesswork, and quite often goes a bit wrong. With this amazing gift, not only can we replace the oven but other appliances too. Christmas has definitely come early. Thank you to Stoves from the bottom of our giant saucepans.”

Our entry

"Much of our educational work with the community is based around a 'field to fork model', helping people to understand where their food comes from, and to use that knowledge to increase their health & wellbeing. We grow fresh vegetables & fruit in our gardens, then run a variety or cooking workshops & sessions throughout the year, helping our community to understand food & farming, and feed themselves & their families well."

"The building that houses our kitchen has had some major structural issues, and now that we have fixed those and redecorated our kitchen, our appliances are really showing their age! We have a double range cooker, but as it's 11+ years old it doesn't work as well as it once used to. We work with various volunteers including recently running free bread making workshops for local families. We struggle to make these activities work with our ageing appliances, so could deliver huge community benefit with new appliances."