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Submission from Fat Macy's Foundation, London
Fat Macy's Foundation, London
About Fat Macy's Foundation

Fat Macy's is a social enterprise working with young homeless Londoners, running catering and hospitality training in hostels to provide residents with a second chance to find employment and gain new skills. It also runs supper clubs and catering events to give trainees work experience in a real setting.

Profits are reinvested into a housing deposit fund and on completion of 200 hours of work experience, our trainees are eligible to apply for a deposit. This is how we create a pathway from hostel to home - breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Why we should win Stoves Community Kitchen?

"We're looking to open our first community kitchen in Peckham for Fat Macy's trainees and the rest of the community. There has been incredible appetite for our work, both from the local community, the homeless community, and the general public who attend our events. This prize would make all the difference in the world to our trainees - who are used to always using second best equipment and hand-me-downs from old kitchens. The sense of pride and value that we would gain by winning brand new kitchen equipment would make a huge difference to the general morale among our trainees."

"We believe that our new community space will not only provide a community kitchen in the heart of Peckham, but will allow us to support 20 young homeless Londoners every year move from homeless hostel accommodation to their own flats."