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Submission from Caring for Communities and People, Cheltenham
Caring for Communities and People, Cheltenham
About Caring for Communities and People

Caring for Communities and People is a registered charity that exists to transform the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults by preventing homelessness, strengthening families and promoting independence.

The aim is to create a community teaching kitchen at the Community Wellbeing Centre in Cheltenham, to be used by people accessing our services to help improve their mental health and wellbeing by steering them towards eating more healthily. The kitchen will link to the Community Pantry, a foodbank-style scheme which diverts excess food from supermarkets and wholesalers to people in need. Clients will be allocated colour coded vouchers to select fresh, frozen and packaged food from the Pantry, and they can then prepare a healthy meal in the community kitchen, guided by a food nutritionist who will provide advice on food preparation and hygiene, meal planning, using seasonal produce, and eating healthily on a limited budget.

Why we should win Stoves Community Kitchen?

"The kitchen, designed to replicate a domestic setting, will be at the heart of the Community Wellbeing Centre, providing a practical, yet warm and welcoming facility to the diverse community of disadvantaged people who access our services seven days a week. As a result of having access to a new community kitchen and healthier food, homeless young people, care leavers, young people from deprived families at high risk of homelessness, and vulnerable adults with mental health problems, will have access to quality kitchen appliances in a hygienic environment to prepare and eat food in; have a safe and friendly environment to share meals with others; increase their food skills and knowledge about nutrition, food preparation and hygiene; change their perception that eating healthily cannot be achieved on a low income and gain essential life skills that contribute to their independence. All of this will improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing."