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Submission from Ashtons Green Community Allotments, St. Helens
Ashtons Green Community Allotments, St. Helens
About Ashtons Green Community Allotments

Ashtons Green Community Allotments Association, prides itself on working with the community in many ways. The CGL St Helens group helps people recover from addictions such as alcohol and drugs. They help to recycle pallets into garden furniture and many other things and one of the volunteers – Carol - organises Cooking in the Community and Sow, Grow and Eat programmes with local groups with great success. The groups are proving to be be very popular especially with local schools and the local Autism and Asperger Society. The Association also provides a Friday night drop in for elderly residents.

Why we should win Stoves Community Kitchen?

"We make a vast difference to a lot of people’s lives with the activities that take place at Ashtons Green, but unfortunately last year, after our Halloween party which hosts around 150 local people, our electric oven packed up in our kitchen and we are desperate for the funds for a replacement."